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The Working Dog Power Bar!

Working dogs need to keep their energy levels up without relying on large, heavy meals.

Produced in the UK by Burns Animal Foods, the Working Dog Power Bar is a new and highly effective way to combat fatigue for dogs in the field. Made with fresh natural ingredients, this air-dried product provides a fast energy boost without leaving a dog feeling bloated. With well balanced ingredients, it's rich in natural protein but completely gluten free making it the perfect choice for working dogs, dogs in training, or dogs who need extra nourishment.

Proven nourishment and energy for working dogs.

The Working Dog Power Bar does so much more than just add to your dogs fat reserves. Its high protein content ensures healthy development and muscle growth, as well as a quick and wholesome burst of energy in a light meal that keeps your dog working hard throughout the day.

More information available on request.

Working Dog Power Bar

  • Give smaller dogs a third of a bar, half an hour before work and an equal sized amount afterwards - although rich in energy and nutrients, The Working Dog Power Bar is light and easy to digest. Larger dogs will require around half a bar before and after work. As long as your dog has a break of at least half an hour, they can enjoy the bar during activity too.

    Fresh drinking water should always be available.